About Bare Beauty

Harriet and Deborah, a dynamic mother-daughter duo, are the visionary founders of Bare Beauty, a premier salon that has been setting the standard for innovative and expert beauty treatments in Saffron Walden for over a decade. With their distinct age perspectives, they offer uniquely tailored treatments and skincare solutions that cater to the expectations of clients across all age groups.

Harriet, Co-Founder and Head of Beauty, is recognized as one of the town’s most respected clinicians. Trained by industry icons such as Kim Lawless and Naomi Barducso, Harriet integrates a fresh, results-driven approach into her practice. Her comprehensive training spans the latest in skincare, laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle and skin booster injections, and non-invasive body contouring technologies. She holds advanced certifications in procedures like Neogen, CACI SYNERGY, microneedling, microblading, and dermaplaning, along with the highest Level 4 certification in HIFU. Dedicated to offering the forefront of anti-aging and beauty treatments, Harriet’s background in Sociology from the University of Newcastle enhances her empathetic and client-centred approach.

Deborah brings a wealth of business background experience in product development and entrepreneurship from her previous ventures, which include founding a specialist tea and coffee shop and the pioneering Fabulous Freefrom Factory, a leader in dairy-free confectionery. Deborah’s strategic vision for Bare Beauty focuses on making sophisticated, non-surgical face and body treatments accessible within the local community. She is a firm believer that high-quality, results driven  experiences should be available locally, ensuring clients don't need to travel far.

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Together, Harriet and Deborah rigorously test all products and treatments themselves to meet their exacting standards before introducing them to their clients. This meticulous approach ensures that each treatment is effective for various ages and skin types while adhering to their high commitment to safety and quality. Their combined expertise and personal involvement in product testing position Bare Beauty as an ideal provider of personalized and effective beauty solutions for clients of all ages.

As a mother and daughter team with diverse generational insights into the beauty industry, Harriet and Deborah offer a comprehensive and inclusive approach to beauty and wellness. Bare Beauty stands out as a unique and trusted destination in the industry, blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge innovation to enhance client well-being and confidence.

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