pelvipower biofeedback
pelvipower biofeedback

Introducing the revolutionary Pelvipower™ Biofeedback Training, a game-changing addition to our program. If you’re searching for “pelvic floor training near me,” look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you. Our state-of-the-art Kegel machine, the innovative biofeedback trainer is designed to support your independent training in a fun and engaging manner. By utilizing an integrated sensor, it accurately registers the activity of your pelvic floor muscles, providing real-time visual feedback on a screen. Are you tired of traditional methods like floor chairs that yield minimal results? Mummy Physios recommend our revolutionary program, as endorsed by Vogue Williams and Gemma Atkinson, two prominent figures in the fitness industry. Even Mummy MOT endorses our postnatal physiotherapy approach, ensuring optimal results postpartum. BFT enhances the effectiveness of your training, empowering you to achieve optimal results. Eliminates the need for guesswork by specifically targeting the intended muscle group and allowing you to engage and strengthen your pelvic muscles.

For pregnant women, pregnancy pelvic floor exercises are vital. Our pelvic floor toner is the perfect companion throughout your pregnancy journey. Worried about diastasis recti? Don’t be! between our BTL Emsella and our Pelvi Biofeedback chair we have the solution for you.

Wondering how to strengthen bowel muscles or manage overactive bladder syndrome? Pelvipower™ Biofeedback Training has you covered!

We understand that everyone is unique, and some may have contraindications for using the BTL EMSELLA and this is where our BFT serves as an excellent alternative, delivering efficient and effective results tailored to your specific needs.

Pelvipower™ training can be used for prevention or help with:

  • stress incontinence

  • urge incontinence

  • mixed incontinence

  • stool incontinence

  • pressure incontinence

  • trickling

ADVANTAGES OF Pelvipower™ Biofeedback Training for incontinence:

Easy and pain-free training

Experience a more potent impact compared to traditional independent training methods, as you visually monitor your progress on a screen.

Non-invasive training, i.e.: You sit on a chair and train in your everyday clothing.

Recommended by doctors and therapists.

For more information about Pelipower, please visit their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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