Microbladed Eyebrows

microbladed eyebrows
microbladed eyebrows

If you are in need of a more permanent solution for your eyebrows, then semi-permanent brows could be the treatment for you. As we age our eyebrows can become thinner and lose colour, you may have over-plucked your brows and now you want thicker more defined brows. Semi-permanent tattooing allows us to create your perfect eyebrow which can last between 12 and 18 months.

After a detailed consultation discussing what you want to achieve, our tattoo artist will design your perfect eyebrows tailored to suit your face shape and skin colouring.

The brows will be drawn on using an eyebrow pencil first to show what the final result will be. When you are happy to proceed the correct colour pigment is chosen and the area is numbed. When you look in the mirror you will have perfect eyebrows that won’t wash off in the shower!

Initial Treatment

  • 1 month top up
  • 6 months top up
  • 12 months top up
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