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Discover the unmatched safety and elegance of the Inverness Ear Piercing System, available at Bare Beauty in Saffron Walden. With over 45 years of global experience and more than 200 million ears pierced, Inverness sets the standard in ear piercing technology and hygiene, ensuring you receive the best care and quality.

Why Choose the Inverness Ear Piercing System at Bare Beauty?

Unparalleled Safety Features:
Enclosed Sterile Capsules: We are the only studio in Saffron Walden that uses the Inverness System, featuring fully enclosed sterile capsules that protect the earrings from contaminants until the moment of piercing. This system ensures that the piercing earrings and our exclusive Safety Back™ are completely sterile, providing a safe piercing experience.

Exclusive Safety Back™: Our unique Safety Back™ shields the piercing tip and ensures the earring back is not squeezed too tight. This promotes optimal airflow around the piercing, facilitating safer and faster healing without the risk of the earring becoming embedded.

Comfort and Precision:
Our advanced, hand-pressured instrument is designed for a smooth and gentle piercing experience, avoiding the loud noise and trauma associated with traditional spring-loaded piercing guns. This precision instrument allows us to offer you a virtually pain-free piercing with beautiful results.


Stylish Options and Customized Piercing:
Why settle for just one? Ear piercings are a fashion statement! At Bare Beauty, you can explore a variety of ear-piercing styles. Whether you’re looking to start your journey with a single piercing or dreaming of a trendy earscape, we cater to all your aesthetic desires.


Aftercare and Healing:
Healing Times: Earlobe piercings typically heal within 6 weeks, while cartilage piercings take about 12 weeks.

Aftercare Support: We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and offer downloadable guides on our website to assist you through the healing process.

Expanded Services – Now Offering Nose Piercings!

We also offer nose piercing services, using the same high standards of safety and hygiene.

Visit Bare Beauty in Saffron Walden for a piercing experience that prioritizes your safety, comfort, and style. Call us or book online to schedule your appointment.

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