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Waxing Treatments in Saffron Walden


At Bare Beauty Saffron Walden our therapists have been trained by the best in the industry, Kim Lawless the Wax Queen. Renowned as a leading authority in intimate waxing she has been on Lorraine and This Morning showing how quick and easy an Intimate Wax can be.

We know that it can feel a little daunting contemplating hair removal in your most intimate areas but our beauty salon provides a safe, hygienic space. This is an incredibly popular treatment and our therapist are highly trained and want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

For Intimate waxing we use Cirepil Hot Wax by Perron Rigot. This is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Unlike Strip Wax, using Hot products allows the wax to wrap around the hair and not stick to the surface of the skin which means a much more comfortable experience.

Using Strip wax on intimate areas can lead to bruising and sore skin. Strip products are much better for removing unwanted body hair on areas such as legs and arms.

For a more permanent solution, we also offer Laser Hair Removal.

Intimate Waxing Etiquette

During an intimate wax we will ask you to remove your underwear. Please don’t worry we have seen it all before and we have one too! It makes the treatment quicker and ensures you have the best results with no unwanted hairs left.

Shaving can cause razor bumps and ingrowing hairs so waxing is best but we know it isn’t always possible and you need to shave. If you have please leave at least four weeks before you re-book your appointment. Too little hair means we can’t do our job.

However too much hair and this will make it uncomfortable for you so if it’s longer than about half an inch give yourself a little trim before you come.

Facial Hair

We of course have other hair removal options for other areas of hair on the body. For the face we use a specially formulated Hot wax designed to be sensitive to the face. Ensuring that you don’t leave the salon looking bright red and uncomfortable.

facial hair waxing
facial hair waxing
  • Upper Lip

  • Chin

  • Side Burns

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Body Hair

Depending on which area of the body we are waxing we will either use a Strip product or a hard product. This is because some types of hair respond better to different products.

  • Full Leg

  • Lower Leg including knees

  • Upper Leg including knees

  • Back of Thighs

  • Underarms

  • Forearms

  • Toes

  • Belly Button

  • Stomach

  • Back

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For 24 hrs after you’ve been waxed, avoid sun, deodorant, really hot showers/baths, chlorinated pools, gym/exercise classes, solariums, spas and saunas as these will irritate the skin.

Use a dry body brush to exfoliate after two days, then two or three times a week after. This will help with preventing ingrowing hairs and keep you skin feeling great.

Depending on which area of the body we are waxing we will either use a Strip product or a hard product. This is because some types of hair respond better to different products.

Intimate Waxing

The Hollywood
One of our most popular treatments. This is completely bare. We remove all hair. A thorough wax that removes every single hair from the back, front, inside and outside. It includes the bottom crack. We then finish off with Tend Skin oil. A specially formulated oil that soothes and helps prevent ingrown hair.

The Brazilian
Still removing everything from inside and out, and the bottom but we leave a strip or a triangle of hair on the pubic bone.

The High Bikini Line
Hair removed in two panels down the sides of the pubic mound narrowing towards the bottom. You should be able to wear a swimming suit without any hair showing.

The Bikini Line
A beauty treatment that removes any pesky little hairs on the thighs and peeking out of the knicker line.

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