Don’t want to go under the knife? Choose HIFU!

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Don’t want to go under the knife or use Botox?

Choose HIFU!

Who wants a more defined jaw line…

Lifted cheeks, reduced pore size and improved skin elasticity but is too scared to go under the knife? Our HIFU machine could just be the thing for you.

Designed for those from the age of 35 HIFU goes deep down to where the surgeon’s knife goes if you are having a face lift. And the best bit? It’s a non-invasive treatment that can be slotted into your current regime.

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HIFU – The Technical Bit

This is the technical bit because I think it’s important to understand how it really works. HIFU; also known as high intensity focused ultrasound – uses the body’s own recuperative powers to lift the skin on the face, neck, under the chin and eyebrows to smooth wrinkles from within.

Our skin varies in thickness across the face and décolletage from around 90-110mm on the neck and under eyes (thin skin) to 190-250 on places such as the cheeks and forehead. Depressingly this starts to all sag from around 30, and as the skin becomes thinner, wrinkles become more visible and we start to look older.

There are three layers of the skin; the outer layer (epidermis), inner layer (dermis) and subcutis (beneath the skin). We tend to spend our money on the epidermis because that’s where the beauty industry earns its bread and butter and its relatively easy to treat. Think radio frequency, light therapy and skin peels, all of which stimulate collagen production.

HIFU uses the power of ultrasound to bypass the epidermis and target the dermis and subcutis to treat to a depth that cannot be matched by any other non-invasive treatment. And trust me it really works! The ultrasound waves penetrate through the tissue to generate heat that creates a ‘thermal wound’ which in turn boosts collagen production to tighten and lift the skin. Although the treatment can be a little uncomfortable – it’s like an elastic band being pulled on the skin – there is no downtime.

Bare Beauty and HIFU

At Bare Beauty we combine the powers of HIFU with radio frequency and light therapy to target all three layers of the dermis. The first targets the SMAS layer (which connects the dermis to the underlying facial muscles) at a depth of 4.5mm; the second at 3.3mm; and the third at 1.5mm. In my own experience, lots of people commented on how well I looked but couldn’t quite put their finger on what I had ‘done’. I looked less tired and my skin was visibly smoother and more taught. Over time, about 8-12 weeks, the results become even more visible, with my jowly bits tighter, my neck lifted and the lines around my eyes smoother. HIFU can be used by anyone – men and women – starting to show the signs of ageing and for any skin types. For those in their 30’s we recommend a hifu every two years, and as you get older, annually. Younger clients will see better results because the wound healing response to thermal injury is more rapid so it’s ideal for those looking to avoid fillers and Botox. Book in  for a free consultation! Of course that depends on when we reopen again!!!!!

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