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Lets talk about

Eco Beauty

Coronavirus has changed everything – its been going on so long, where once we felt ok and coped its feels a bit harder this time around.

So many people have suffered loss and experienced hardship since we first heard the term Coronavirus. It’s a time for reflecting on our lifestyles and how we can make a difference day to day in small ways. Lots of little changes can often lead to much bigger things.

Time for Change

The spirit of beauty in 2021 has changed, it’s becoming one of more continuous kindness and an awareness of our environment. It’s always great to hear that many of the big players in the industry are starting to move towards more eco-friendly packaging (compostable or reusable). John Lewis has now trialled a scheme to encourage customers to take empty bottles back; for those who did, they would give a discount off your next purchase.

Liberty is also taking empty perfume bottles in exchange for a discount on the next bottle; but British Brand Lush has taken it one step further and is pioneering the movement for zero packaging or, ‘naked’ as they call it. They are making solid products like shampoo and conditioner blocks to really be packaging-free.

These are the big guys, but we also have small independent businesses offering services right on our doorstep that can help with our awareness of the environment and community. After all, beauty isn’t just about our skin or our bodies, but it encompasses everything. From how we decorate our houses, to the clothes we choose to buy and the beauty within. All of these can contribute to our mental well being.

How Can I Be More Environmentally Aware?

Gifted in Thaxted has got a fabulous Refill Station; when you buy a bottle from them, you can return time and time again to fill it back up. Their range includes everything from your Shampoo and Conditioner to your household cleaning products and laundry softener. It’s all made in the UK, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Allowing you to stop using disposable products where the packaging end ups on landfill sites or clogging up the Sea.

Looking for household items? Green Pear Eco was set up by two local’s who were affected by the amount of plastic they saw on a gap year. Now they have set up an online store offering everyday household items which are recyclable and more eco friendly. They have everything from kitchen sponges to bamboo toothbrushes all delivered to your door.

There’s also Blue, a women’s clothing store in Saffron Walden which champions brands that help and support women from predominately low-income communities. Mishky is comprised of artisan weavers creating stunning jewellery. Many of these women enrol in the companies ‘My Mom and Me’ program, allowing the women to work from home so that they can provide loving care and guidance to their children, whilst still having a sustainable income. So, while you search for the perfect accessories, you can rest assured your purchase is helping women that would otherwise struggle to provide for her family.


What we’re doing at Bare Beauty

At Bare Beauty, we can do our bit here, and we’re doing our bit. I know there have been moments during these uncertain times where we have faltered. I have missed the human interaction of seeing your faces every day, whether it’s for a quick wax or an hours facial, my body has felt lethargic at times because I’ve felt I haven’t got anything to get up for.

Personally, I have missed talking and sharing; my day is spent talking to people, making you feel good about yourself and hearing about your day. I am sure many of you can relate to these feelings, they are completely normal but I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that it is OK to not feel ok. I might not physically be at Bare Beauty to do your treatments but I am on email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and the end of the phone.

If you need some kind words of encouragement, get in touch. Let Bare Beauty be a place of sanctuary, kindness and beauty in a different way, the virtual way now, and always.

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